Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The final straight :)

Hello again!
It's been quite long when I wrote here last time. Unfotunately, I have a lot of work recently, And there will be more and more in next few months... Winter is a period when you realise that there are about 5 months to finish the academic year and, in my case, to graduate.
This thought makes my blood run cold. I always tell myself that there's a lot of time and then I postpone everything which doesn't demand a hurry. But I comfort myself with a fact that I'm not only one in that situation :).
There's an exam session before me and I want to focus in passing all the subjects. Later, I will work on my master thesis, which actually is still in nappies :) (what a shame...)
I hope everything will be all right and that in June or July I could boast about my Master degree :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Strange events :)

Hi, there!
It's almost a month when I wrote my last post here. Now, when Christmas and the end of the year are coming, all the matters gain momentum and it's really hard to find some time to write something relevant.
Today, I'd like to describe some events which happen to me from time to time and then I think if I'm the only one person who has something like this or we are more :)
Has it ever happened to you that you've thought about somebody and, after a while, you met that person in the street or somewhere else? It happened to me few times. What's important is that those people weren't my close friends or relatives which I meet everyday, but friends I see a few times for a year. Recently, I was walking to the University and I thought about my friend's brother who studies on my department. After a moment, I met him next to the entrance of the building :)
Another thing happened to me yesterday. Since awakening, in my head I was still "hearing" John Lennon's song "Imagine", because an extract from this song is on the title of my blog and I would write a post yesterday. "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..." - I think it's the most beautiful phrase from this song :) How big was my astonishment when we began our English class at the University with THIS Lennon's song...
I don't know if I'm insane or something like this, but I like this feeling :) And I hope I'm not alone in this case :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bear up, Paris!

Hello again.
After last Friday's events in Paris I still can't collect my thoughts... It's incredible how a man may do something like this to another man. With good reason a man is called the most dangerous beast all over the world.
I'm furious and at the same time terrified... It could happen to each of us.. When I was visiting Paris in 2010 it never even occured to me to think that in a few years the people would be murdered in these places. But it's Europe, it's the civilised world, there are no longer wars! I can't imagine that in 21st century such things happen...
Who will be next? How long it will last? How many more people must die that the world at last wakes up?
I'm afraid that it's just too late, that Europe plunges more and more each day, that my generation will be this one, which will suffer a next war...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Autumn time

The autumn has began for good. After last Saturday's change of time it's more and more visible: the day is shorter, it's getting dark faster and, like in my case, one's getting tired too early. However, I have to say that this year's autumn is so beautiful: it isn't almost raining, there are a lot of multicoloured leaves and a lot of sun. I think it'll change soon, so we have to make use of it completely.
Before us November the first, the All Saints' Day. Like every year we'll mention all of these people who are no longer with us. We'll visit cemeteries and light candles for them.
Actually, I'm in the middle of looking for accommodation for New Year's Eve in the Tatra Mountains, in Zakopane. I think we are a bit late because just now it's very hard to find some rooms. I hope for the best and I think we'll find something nice this week. Next year we'll think about it a bit earlier :)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Let's get it started :)

Hello everyone!
The New Academic Year has begun, so it's time to restart writing posts on my blog and continue my adventure with English :). This year will be special, because it's last one at the University and it will finish with a Master title. There's a lot of work before me and I hope to graduate successfully. I don't know yet if I stay in Poznań or I come back home, but it's a certainty that I would work with Spanish in the nearest future.
It's really sad to finish studies because 5 years is not one day and I'll miss so much all these things which happened to me in Poznań. I met here many great people, gained a bit of professional experience and, first of all, learned independence.
On the other hand, one can't always be a student because it comes time for the other things like work, getting married, etc.
There's nothing for it but to take a maximal advantage of this last year and work hard to achieve :).
No pain, no gain! :)
See you in my next post! :)

Monday, May 4, 2015

My plans for May

Hello again!
And again more than 2 weeks without writing :( It's so hard to find just a little time to enter here and write some words. The April was very busy and I even don't want to think what will happen on May :o !
There's one certain thing: every May's weekend equals a party in my family. Everything started 25th April when it was my cousin's 18th birthday. The party was awesome: we were dancing until dawn and laughing a lot during all the time :) My cousin received many presents and greeted adulthood at full pelt :) So as I said, everything started more than week ago. Next Sunday, 10th May there's my goddaughter's 1st birthday :). I can't wait for this day because I prepared for her an awesome gift :). I don't know if it's a nationwide custom, but in my region when a baby has his/her 1st birthday, (s)he is seated on mum's/dad's knees and has to choose an object put in front of him/her. Each object symbolize who will be the baby in the futute or what will (s)he do then. The objects are: a vodka glass (I don't have to say what it means :) ), some money, a book and a rosary. It's interesting because as I remember, for this occasion there were a lot of funny moments in my family :).
We go so on, and Saturday 16th I'm going to my cousin's Communion. Even further, Sunday 24th there's my other cousin's Communion, connected with her little brother's 1st birthday.
I don't know when I will find some time to start study for my exam session because, how you can see, there will be any time at weekends and even less during the weeks (you know, studies, work etc.).
However, I hope I will reconcile all the things and everything will be ok :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What will bring the Spring? :)

Wow, almost a month without blogging! I feel ashamed.. My resolution to write here some words every week failed. But I'll try to fix it :)
So... We've already the middle of April, The Easter was long ago and we're approaching to the end of academic year.. Well, before we'll have holidays, we have to pass exam session and this news is bloodcurdling :o!
BUT! Before June we have May, and this is the most favourite month for all the students! In the first week of May has place a new achievement of my University- instead of Wielkie Grillowanie UAM now it's called Wielka Majówka Studencka and doesn't have place yet in Morasko, but in AZS Stadium. In the end of May there'll be the biggest students' event, which will last 4 days, that is Juwenalia. Then all the Universities and Colleges of Poznań will entertain together :) I can hardly wait until Juwenalia because one of the Stars will be my favourite band Coma! :) It seems to be a great time :)